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How To Stop Cheating On Your Partner
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
July 05, 2012

How To Stop Cheating On Your Partner

Here you are, you have labeled yourself a cheater and you don’t like it.  What can you do to stop? Sometimes people dig themselves so deep in a hole that they need help finding their way out.  Stephanie Graham, Yahoo! writer, suggested the following tips to stop cheating on your spouse: 

1. Avoid situations where you are alone with the opposite sex. Many make the mistake of thinking that just because they have no intentions of cheating that they will be able to avoid having an affair. This is not the case. Human desires can overpower you at the right moment, especially when you are vulnerable. The whole point of applying this rule is to take precautions.

2. Your job may require meetings with the opposite sex. Take as much precaution as possible. You could have the meeting in a more public environment. Another coworker could join in on the meeting. This may seem a bit extreme, you might say, but if you sincerely would like to stop cheating on your spouse the sacrifice is necessary.

3. Continue to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically with your husband or wife. More than ever it is necessary to continuously build in your relationship with your partner. Keep the romance alive by setting aside quality time, without any distractions. Take part in spiritual activities together so that you can be spiritually in tuned to one another. Maintain a consistent dialogue to prevent drifting apart. Express your feelings and be open and honest about your needs and desires.

4. Do not confide in the opposite sex about your relationship. Confiding in the opposite sex seems to be one of the most common excuses many cheaters make. "Oh, we got to talking, and one thing led to another," they might say. Remember, the only way you are going to stop cheating in the future is by putting up safeguards. Talking to the opposite sex about personal issues in your relationship or confiding in them at all can lead to an emotional dependence. You should be emotionally dependent on your spouse. Any concerns or issues you have with your partner should be discussed with them.

5. It is natural to feel attracted to someone of the opposite sex. However, many make the mistake of flirting. Flirting gives the impression that you are available when you are actually not. If you find that a coworker or other acquaintance, even after being aware that you are married, attempts to seduce you by flirting, find ways to avoid those attempts. Make conversations very brief and business-like.

6. Speak to a counselor about your problem. Sometimes talking to someone who is qualified can help you to sort out hidden feelings. Perhaps they will be able to make some effective suggestions on how to better improve your marriage.

7. Another common mistake many make is getting intoxicated at parties, whether it be with coworkers or with friends. Intoxication combined with sexual desire will almost always lead to infidelity. Becoming drunk weakens your ability to think clearly and rationally. Therefore, if you want to stop cheating on your spouse, drink in moderation.

If you truly want to rid yourself of the label “cheater” and become a good spouse, look at these suggestions that are outlined here for you.  You have violated your partner’s trust; try taking action to mend your broken trust back together. 


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Posted By: splittinghairs | 7/05/12 1:51 PM
8. dont be a do*che
Posted By: LetsGOOO | 7/05/12 2:23 PM
#7 so true. Dont get wasted at a party your partner isnt at because its not worth cheating when you get blackout drunk
Posted By: LoveSpam | 7/05/12 2:40 PM
As soon as you start divulging personal information to a member of the opposite sex you are opening a door that could be potential danger.When you are in a committed relationship you should try to avoid potential situations if you want it to last.
Posted By: king7678 | 7/05/12 3:07 PM
My ex couldnt stop cheating and if he went to a counselor for help and she was a female he would probably try to hit that too
Posted By: 4evaLove | 7/05/12 3:22 PM
just act like you are being watched by your bf or gf and act as if they can see you at all times and you will do the right thing and remain faithful

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