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Could An Open Relationship Be Safer Than Cheating?
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
June 29, 2012

Could An Open Relationship Be Safer Than Cheating?

When your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats in a relationship, not only do you have to worry about your heart getting ripped out of your chest, but you also need to worry about sexual transmitted diseases.  

A recent study done by The Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that you are more likely to spread a sexually transmitted disease if you are unfaithful than you would if you are in an open relationship.

“The reason may be connected to drugs and booze, which are used 64% more in unfaithful hookups. This correlates to a lower rate of condom use when compared to romantic encounters involving people in "negotiated, non-monogamous" relationships, reports io9.

"If people do not find monogamy appealing or feasible, they clearly need to think about the risk this poses to their partner and consider whether an open relationship would suit their needs better, and better protect their relationship partners," says one of the researchers.

I think it is time for any cheaters out there to really think about whether or not they want to spread an STD to someone they care about? Maybe suggest an open relationship to your partner.  


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Posted By: Scarring | 7/02/12 1:01 PM
and after you suggest having an open relationship you better go pack your bags and head out cuz its over
Posted By: RichKat | 7/02/12 1:04 PM
I wouldnt even dare to bring that up
Posted By: HUSHkitty | 7/02/12 1:25 PM
im sure people in open relationships contract STDs too
Posted By: NateDawggie | 7/02/12 1:47 PM
Condoms dont even protect you from STDs they just help with not getting prego
Posted By: Veinard234 | 7/02/12 2:03 PM
Imagine how pissed you would be if you let your wife be open in your relationship and she contracted HIV and gave it to you
Posted By: StopCheatingGrowUp | 7/02/12 9:42 PM
an "open-relationship" is not a relationship, you're just messing with your head. Any person who really wants to be with you, Could not bare the thought of sharing you with any other person.

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