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‘Anti-Cheating Ring’ Vows to End Infidelity
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
June 28, 2012

‘Anti-Cheating Ring’ Vows to End Infidelity

A wedding ring is a symbol of marital commitment; it shows all the other people out there that “this man is taken”!  That is why men are known to take them off and go prowling at the bars for women.  

What if when he took that ring off, he had another reminder underneath it that might help make infidelity a little bit harder? has come up with the answer to our prayers! A ring that has a negative engraving on the inside that leaves the phrase “I’M MARRIED” on the finger when the ring is removed.  The “Anti-Cheating Ring” is $550 and made of strengthened titanium.  

This might prevent cheating by: (1) reminding the would-be John Edwards of his vow and/or (2) alerting would-be Rielle Hunters that a man is married.

According to ABC News, “Unlike a wedding vow, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.”


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Posted By: DrSubstance | 6/28/12 12:21 PM
LOL ill be sure to look out for this now so when I spot it I can make the guy feel uncomfortable for taking it off
Posted By: Cnile | 6/28/12 1:03 PM
now guys will be putting band aids over their ring fingers to cover up the imprints
Posted By: CranG****Kid | 6/28/12 1:27 PM
You can usually tell if they have tan lines on their finger
Posted By: Kree8or | 6/28/12 2:01 PM
I think it would be a bad sign if this is the ring you choose for your husband to be
Posted By: PINT66 | 6/28/12 2:18 PM
John Edwards would rather cut his ring finger off than have to be trapped like that :)

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