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Courtney Cox: Online Flirting Is Cheating
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
June 22, 2012

Courtney Cox: Online Flirting Is Cheating

Courtney Cox was dashing on The View Thursday morning.  Courtney has made her directorial debut with the upcoming Talhotblond movie she is staring in. She is ecstatic about the movie. 

The lifetime show is based on online interactions and there is a steamy online affair that goes too far, according to 

“There’s a lot of deception, there’s murder,” Courtney says. “It’s really riveting.”

The women of The View were dying to know what Courtney thought about online affairs, was an online relationship considered cheating in the eyes of Courtney Cox?

“If it’s my husband, it’s cheating,” she laughed. Well there you have it!


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Posted By: MAchowdah | 6/25/12 12:58 PM
how could you ever cheat on that angel face
Posted By: Centario | 6/25/12 1:03 PM
Who wouldnt consider an online affair cheating?
Posted By: SilkyPeach | 6/25/12 1:20 PM
Does this mean her husband cheated on her?
Posted By: sendoff | 6/26/12 10:27 AM
Ill marry you and I will never cheat!
Posted By: Scarecrow666 | 6/26/12 10:34 AM
With a name like Cox who needs a husband lol

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