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Do College Kids Use Being Drunk As An Excuse For Cheating?
Article by: CheaterU staff
June 15, 2012

Do College Kids Use Being Drunk As An Excuse For Cheating?

“But babe, I was wasted…” The infamous line when people are busted! What is that Jamie Fox song, Blame it on a a a a a alcohol, people love to point fingers and alcohol seems to be on bad end of the deal frequently.  

I think it is fair to say that a majority of us have made bad decisions after we have been drinking.  In college, students spend a fair amount of their time intoxicated.  Do they take advantage of placing their wrong doings on alcohol?

College Magazine came out with an article about this and wondered the same thing.  They suggest that once someone has been drinking they become flirtatious, become a dancing queen & cheat.  

Flirting can do many things for people; it can boot their ego, stimulate interests and make you laugh.  It can be fun, but you have to be careful when you are in a relationship.  

“The challenges begin when agreements are violated and/or the flirting becomes unwelcome attention,” said Susie and Otto Collins, life success coaches and authors of Creating Relationship Trust.

If you are drunk, you may be flirting and not even know it.  College Magazine suggests that you set boundaries with your partner and be cautious of your actions.  Taking drinks from others or giving out your number can be a real big problem for college couples.  

“In my opinion, I think you should be loyal to your significant other and don’t accept drinks from someone who is trying to butter you up and get you drunk,” said Brett Magid, a student at Pennsylvania State University. “I don’t think it is a big deal to give out or accept a phone number, it is what you do with that number that makes it an issue.”

Next on the list is dancing when intoxicated.  Isn’t it funny how if you are sober you are terrified to dance, but get a little alcohol in your system and all the sudden you feel like a professional! Well, is it okay to dance with a stranger when you are committed to someone? 

“Drunk dancing means nothing as long as you stick to the rules and don’t cheat. There is nothing wrong with it,” said Magid.

Duquesne University student Alison Rutter said there are limits: “I don’t mind … to a certain degree. If by chance my boyfriend is practically bending a girl over on the dance floor, they might as well take it to the bedroom.”

Last, and the biggest of them all, is cheating when drunk. Is it okay for a person to place blame on the alcohol when they have cheated?

Rutter doesn’t think so. “If you have the sense to cheat when you’re drunk, then it must be in the back of your mind,” she said. “Alcohol is liquid confidence … to do something you’re too afraid to sober.”

Stephany Alexander, founder of claims that it depends on the amount of alcohol you drink.  If you have an excess amount of alcohol it can blur personal values and ethics.

“It's true; alcohol makes people selfish,” she said. “After a heavy night of drinking, the drinker becomes sober and has to deal with the consequences of their addiction. It is hard to face yourself or your partner after a night of sexual promiscuity.”

College magazine states that cheating when drunk is situational and depends on the relationship, setting and how much booze is consumed.  

“If they can't handle their alcohol and be respectful to you, then they’re not someone you should want to be with,” Magid asserted.


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Posted By: Scappy45 | 6/18/12 2:17 PM
Yes I think its just an excuse for idiots to cheat and say they didnt know what they were doing.
Posted By: ScubaSam | 6/18/12 2:42 PM
I would never sit there and watch my girl get grinded on by some girl
Posted By: BitterHalf | 6/18/12 3:00 PM
The real person comes out when you drink.....
Posted By: Wizzledorf | 6/18/12 3:08 PM
Just dont drink when your bf or gf isnt around and you wont do something stupid
Posted By: ConMan9 | 6/18/12 3:41 PM
Oh to be young,drunk,and horny again is all I wish for

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