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Allen Iverson's estranged wife wants his cheating documented
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
March 20, 2012

If Allen Iverson thought his divorce would be amicable, he had another thing coming. TMZ is reporting that his estranged wife, Tawanna Iverson, is asking the basketball star to turn over all of the names of women he slept with while they were married.

Interestingly, the news provider reports that Tawanna had said that her split from Allen had nothing to do with other women. So why the sudden change of heart? TMZ is speculating that it could draw more favor toward Tawanna if her husband was cheating on her throughout the marriage.

The court documents Tawanna filed are requesting Allen "give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial."

Although it was previously reported Allen is broke, the New York Post reports that's not the case. Allen allegedly has an account worth $32 million that gives him $1 million annually before he can touch the principal at age 55. Additionally, Allen is eligible to start drawing from his NBA pension. The news provider reports this works out to roughly $8,000 a month.

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Posted By: Staloned | 3/20/12 1:06 PM
Good luck having him cooperate on making a solid case for you in court. If he cheated on you then he doesnt care about you and if he doesnt care about you then he is for sure not gonna fork over cash willingly.
Posted By: scornedthorn | 3/20/12 1:33 PM
He is pretty smart with his money for as stupid as he comes off in his interviews, im impressed but hes still a jerk for cheating
Posted By: stuckPIG | 3/20/12 1:58 PM
PRACTICE!? WE TALKN BOUT PRACTICE?! PRACTICE?! oh you just want girl's names......oops
Posted By: standaman | 3/20/12 3:20 PM
lol i cant believe we talking about practice lol
Posted By: kidder44 | 3/20/12 3:01 PM
He should just give her one name to piss her off and make them name her best friend hhahahahahah
Posted By: MRbrinckcity | 3/20/12 4:25 PM
thats why he wants to come out of retirement because his old lady is taking him to the cleaners!

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