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Social networking and cheating - is there a connection?
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
March 19, 2012

With the rise of social networking, it's easier to get in touch with old friends and flames, which has opened the possibility of cheating for some individuals.

Forbes reports that during a SXSW panel, Andrea Miller, the founder and CEO of, discussed how social networking is making it a bit easier to cheat. However, she was quick to suggest that social media isn't the cause of the issue.

"There are very clear indicators of cheating within the architecture of the brain, and the human brain has not changed in over 2,000 years," Miller said, according to the news provider. "If you're a cheater, you're going to cheat. If you don't meet your ex girlfriend from high school through Facebook and sleep with her, you're certainly going to find someone else."

Still, the notion is nothing new. Some studies have fingered the rise of the internet as the cause behind some failed marriages. Research published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry explored how therapy can help some couples who are facing issues with online infidelity.

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Posted By: Nico2 | 3/20/12 9:42 AM
yeah cheaters are cheaters and just because a new website starts up doesnt mean thats the cause of their cheating its because they are D-bags that cheat and this is just another avenue for them.
Posted By: Freeeeeeee | 3/20/12 10:38 AM
Any website that has the ability to connect people into dating should have a designation assigned to it. If you are married or in a committed relationship you should be able to filter those types of websites off of your home computer so that isnt even an option. If the filter settings change then you know your partner is up to no good and you can nip it in the butt before it starts.
Posted By: AustinTX | 3/21/12 7:45 PM
It would be good that if you caught your husband or committed partner with a profile on these social networks that you should be able to post his information and profile and change the caption/headline for those considering to communicate or date the individual they are married or in a committed relationship. I tried doing that on Plenty of Fish and my husband found out and had POF delete the profile I posted of him. That isn't right, it is very deceptive and predatory to allow such behavior to continue on these types of website. When I found out my husband did this and challenged me what I was going to do about it, That is what I did posted his profile changed his headline and username to one digit before his so if anyone did a search my profile of him would show up first and warn the women on there. I am divorcing him now and he continues to be on there. Showed me what an a-hole he truly is. I hope his happy..... The dirt-bag is under Alf_fisheater and Bigfoot512... Again these sites should let people know who the cheaters are on there. It would be good also for gets some advertisment on these websites so those are truly seeking an honest relationship could check to see who they are communicating with to prevent heartache... There are alot of dishonest people playing games....
Posted By: jjjjjj | 3/27/12 2:32 AM
Some thing that I have heard is Cheaters are always Cheaters.
Posted By: jjjjjj | 3/27/12 2:33 AM
Some thing that I have heard is Cheaters are always Cheaters.
Posted By: Ktime | 3/20/12 12:18 PM
Social networking is so popular right now that if one closed down then another would open up tomorrow.It would be silly to try to rid the world of social networks because it makes it easy to cheat. Cheaters will find a place to cheat regardless of the internet helping them or not.
Posted By: Staloned | 3/20/12 1:03 PM
Having your spouse go out of town without you also makes it a bit easier to cheat and if you jump at every chance you get to cheat then you are a little sc*mbag that deserves to be single forever.
Posted By: werdbrah | 3/20/12 2:29 PM it seems like every day I find about a new website that is already huge but I never hear anyone talk about them its crazy
Posted By: AustinTX | 3/24/12 3:32 PM
Plenty of Fish (POF) protects its cheating members online. I posted a comment with my soon to be ex's users name. If you go on POF to search the user names it just bounces meaning there's a profile but you can't view it or search for it. Again another way that POF enjoys assisting in cheating... These social networks should be made held accountable if they are going to continue to allow such behavior on their sites. Sure isn't a site of integrity.... Plus for this to happen it seems POF staff are searching cheaterville to see which POF members have been exposed on cheaterville. Keep up the good work cheaterville!!!

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