What Is CheaterVille?
In a world where temptation and lust are facilitated by online media, where does moral accountability fit in? With terms like discreet adultery and cyber affair, how is the truth to be told and where can it be found? CheaterVille was created with one goal in mind, keeping you ahead of the heartache -- even when it hurts. So whether you're a victim, perpetrator or curious acquaintance, CheaterVille can give you the inside scoop on that special someone before you're another heartbroken mess writhing in the wake of Ms. Madison or Craig and his lists.

CheaterVille gathers information from a variety of sources using our proprietary advanced search engine algorithm. We have the world’s largest database of ousted cheaters which will show you postings from other CheaterVille members on a specific person and information gathered from the web. If you meet someone and want to know if they are playing it straight, or playing you, CheaterVille will let you know if they are married, have a sordid past, or a crazy ex! If you’re in a relationship and want to make sure your significant other stays on the straight and narrow, CheaterVille can alert you if anything is posted about them — good or bad and free of charge.

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