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Kris Humphries knew Kim cheated on him
Article by: CheaterVille Staff
June 26, 2012

Kris Humphries knew Kim cheated on him

Did famous ballplayer Kris Humphries assume that Kim Kardashian cheated on him from the beginning?

Humphries had a suspicious feeling that the reality diva had cheated on him when the famous rapper was not even invited to their highly publicized wedding back in 2011.  

Kris Jenner and all the other Kardashian family report that Kanye is “a close friend” but yet he wasn’t invited to the wedding?

Myla Sinanaj sources spoke with TMZ and said, “Kris H told Myla, ‘If he was such a close family friend, why wasn’t he invited to the wedding?’”

Kris confessed to Myla that he “felt played” by Kim and was upset when news that Kim and Kanye were a couple.


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Posted By: GreatDayz | 6/26/12 10:20 AM
I hate that girl I wish she would go away
Posted By: sendoff | 6/26/12 10:27 AM
all 3 of these people annoy me
Posted By: Scarecrow666 | 6/26/12 10:32 AM
How was Kris ever attracted to her she is such an attention starved media wh*re
Posted By: MasterofDisaster8 | 6/26/12 10:45 AM
Kris should break Kanye's jaw again so he can have it wired shut and be quiet for 2 seconds
Posted By: KnicksFan | 6/26/12 11:33 AM
All 3 of them are morally bankrupt

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